Dr Mary Ellis has spent her career working with young technology start-up companies and entrepreneurial researchers.

She has acted as co-founder, leader, manager, investor and director in several private technology start-ups and has experience in small-cap public companies. Mary is co-founder of 3 technology companies and has in-depth knowledge in the fields of vaccines, sleep disorders, biofilm related diseases and treatments, wound healing, antimicrobial products, medical cannabis and medical devices.

Dr Ellis has served on Federal and local committees and boards overseeing the development of human resource and funding programmes and worked in several countries. 

Science & Technology

Dr Ellis has a background in basic research, she has authored and co-authored a variety of papers and book chapters on topics as diverse as methamphetamine, nitric oxide, vascular smooth muscle, blood pressure regulation, inflammation and the central control of body responses, and on the effects of novel drug candidates (Brit J Pharm., FASEB, Brain Res., J. Neural Trans).

Each technology comes with its own set of challenges. Sometimes the founders are so deep in the technology its takes all their time to keep ahead in their chosen academic field and the marketplace is not their focus. That’s possibly where we can add the most value. We’ve also worked with such simple technology which technicians in the field have developed. This is also such a pleasure as the need is demonstrated from day 1, pure proof necessity is the mother of all invention.


As a motivated self-starter, Dr. Ellis has used her consulting company as a mechanism to nurture and grow technology companies from an embryonic stage. She has held many roles in these start-ups including President & CEO, Business Development Officer, Operations Officer and Head of Marketing.

In most cases these roles have been on secondment, with one secondment lasting 6 years. We position companies to work with angel investors, venture capital and non-dilutive funding sources including traditional commercialisation grants and more specialist funds such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Global Grand Challenges Exploration Fund. Appropriate financing is so critical to adequately prepare for what can be a long road ahead. 


Perhaps our favoured role is as educators. We understand the power of education. If you adequately teach the principles and the reasoning behind  an idea, the concepts stick for life.