Who we are

Earle & Associates was founded as a life science technology consulting firm by Dr Mary Ellis in 2002, and has facilitated company creation and commercialisation activities involving a range of drug and medical technologies.

Dr Ellis is trained as a classical pharmacologist (PhD) and neuroscientist (MSc), and also holds a Masters in Business Administration. She has assisted in establishing a technology commercialisation fund and has worked for a variety of funding organisations focused on commercialisation of university based technologies and human resource development initiatives.

Originally based in Canada, Dr Ellis has also worked in Ireland and is now based in the UK and Switzerland. Earle & Associates is guided by a senior ex-military strategic advisor and an experienced life science investor.

What we do

  • Consult and provide strategic advice on the commercial development of medical technology stemming from academic and private sector innovation
  • Create and assist start-up companies
  • Lead and advise early stage companies at the senior management and board level
  • Actively participate in creating funding channels for new companies
  • Advise government on all aspects of strategic initiatives in the life sciences

Who we work with

  • Innovators & Entrepreneurs
  • Government agencies
  • Investors
  • Thoughtful people wanting to help solve big health issues

Technology focus areas

We love novel, innovative, disruptive technology and have experience in a wide range of life science companies that address medical or wellness needs. From software to hardware, drugs to vaccines, creams to patches. We have worked in areas such as sleep disorders, vaccines and therapeutics, wound healing products, microbial contamination and medical cannabis. Contact us to find out more.

Business Model

Our approach is flexible and adaptive to the needs of our clients. We have used a variety of models to work with start-up and established companies in the past.

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